Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We went trick or treat-ing at the Mall of Asia. I'm so tired for the mall is too big for me to walk around.
Of course, my favorite thing to do is to take pictures of almost everything, and graphics designing is what I usually love to do.
Because it's Halloween, I wanted Ken to be someone unique when it comes to make-up and not just a common vampire or zombie mask. I made him look like "Joker" from "Batman" movie. I think it's quite terrific but the alignment goes off.
I love this shot, whenever I take a look again at this shot of mine, I remember my grandfathers, both mother and father's side. Because it's kinda refreshing to the mind and my grandfathers told me once that sunset is just like a rainbow but visible to see because you opened your eyes to see it clearly which in fact means that you open your heart to someone because you really care for that person.
This is the coolest costume of a kiddo for the first time I've seen in my life. It's Edward Scissorhands

The Scary Booth, I was forced by lil' bro to have a picture with these wonderful people w/ costumes. Therefore, I think it's cool! Many are also taking photos of us... weird :0

Planet Scream logo, The booth was so cute, super liked it by  the way, actually many also took photos of us, do they know us, or maybe because I was once in the fame line of track and field

The Bangus resto, oohhh I love eating here. And because I love it, we ate here again

Me and my brother Ken was asked to pose as the lovely siblings, by my dad

Planet Scream by Nickelodeon announces the winner for the kiddie halloween costume