Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Cousin's Wedding + When You Believe ~ Khlyfz Roque

Ate Ruth and Kuya Jayvee Royo got married, here are some pics:
It's Ken, my brother and Ircia, our co-VNX model. Oh!! She looks pretty and my bro looks gorgeous..

 Everyone having fun, but me, sorry, I really can't relate to adult jokes, but I'm not being KJ :)

 Ken, next time, would you smile so that we wouldn't get depressed.

 Ircia sang at the reception the song, "You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift"

 Another girl, I think her name is Angela, also sang.. forgot the song, peace :)
But both of them have nice voices..

And this is me, play it on youtube!
Here's the main story: At the wedding reception of my cousin, I'm having acidity so I suffered vomiting, but still, mom is asking me if I can still sing, I just said, I'll try my best, so you judge me, so, as not to boast, I can sing well when I was at home, but because of my fever, my voice went a 'lil low   
I sang the When You Believe by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey ♥

 The Wedding Couples: Ruth and Jayvee Royo, Mr. and Mrs. Royo

 My cousin, kuya Miguel, carrying the daughter of the newly wed, it's Baby Louise Royo, or Baby Kim

 Everyone did a wacky pose, can't think of any poses, but a misterious smile would suit me

 Dad and Mom

 Mom is teasing me to sing once more...

The Cousinkins: Issa and Me