Monday, January 16, 2012

Food Trip: Cerealicious + Outing

Katrine and I had another outing, a very very laugh trip outing. After our mouths got tired, we went to Cerealicious. There we ate our desired food. Since my elementary years, I already love eating at Cerealicious, but Katrine, it's only her first time to eat here. So I encourage her to try it out!




the bigger picture:
Katrine's Order: Nutting Hill
toppped with vanilla ice cream, nuts, choco flakes and bits of choco bars
"She's addicted to choco, too much sweets"

My Order: Oreo & Juliet
snow milk, corn flakes, choco stick, crush oreos, caramel and choco syrup
"I'm a choco-holic but this time, tried avoiding too much sweet, to prevent diabetes"