Thursday, January 05, 2012

Working Madness

Do you think that sometimes we are having headlong actions. But the truth is, there's no pause or delay in works, it's our doing that makes it so. But I've discovered it only when I was assigned to do my position in a school play. I thought that it is really impossible to do the assigned task, but the only thing that showed was, I was misinterpreted and said that I'm irresponsible. But I'm not, because I'm so stressed and freaked out about the job assigned to me. Well, to my opinion that was bound to be expressed, we should not waste time doing nothing while we were young. Because while young, it's our chance to enjoy everything given to us by the Most High and to love our doings. 
In every moment I think of work, I feel great from now on, no fear, and was even assigned as Club Officer in club and Props Director in stage plays. I am to thank Him for that.