Sunday, February 19, 2012

Family Fun Run 2012

Today's the best day of my life.
I always won competitions as a sprinter and or sometimes when I do my relay parts, but I am surely afraid of joining marathons which is because I run for speed and not endurance. Awhile ago, 8am, while waiting for my 3-kilometer turn, I felt the fear and excitement combining between my head.

The moment I heard the "READY.......SET.." you'll hear me panting, breathing hard and fast pumping of my heart beat, maybe because of nervousness. My eyes were going crazy looking back and forth at the other competitors.

Finally, when they said "GO!!!", my friends, Sharmie and Christine, shouted at me saying, "Let's go Khlyfz! We can do this!". Then I smiled.

Reaching 3/4 of the long way, I felt abdominal pain cramps, and I followed what my coach taught me so. When I'm starting to get dizzy and near the finish line, I said to myself, "Win or lose, why can't I try to do my best, you have the blood of a runner, you're not weak, almost near!" and then.... BHAM!
Eventually, I............... have a medal!! I'm the 6th person out of hundreds.
This photo is COPYRIGHTED BY KHLYFZ! My deepest pleasure is just a simple bragging rights. hehe