Thursday, February 02, 2012

Russian Navy

It's Russian Navy's first time to dock in the Philippines. Mom got a free access inside and she invited us to go there. But sadly, dad can't join us because of some things to be fixed at home. I'm so excited awhile ago to visit the war ship and, of course, to meet the Russian Navy crew.
Mom's best ride ever - quoted by mom

Family, missing one, dad
The large Russian Navy War Ship

Korean reporter, reporting live to be aired in Korea

Ohhh, mom took picture of me with the Russian who's assigned at the entrance, he looks cool

Ken also got a chance to take picture with this Russian at the entrance

The speedboats of the Russian

The Flag of Russia

Of course, they docked here, so, presenting The Philippine flag

Missile launchers, so big they almost scared the tourists inside

Awww, Ken rode the helicopter, I can't ride because I'm a concious girl and I became concious when I saw the Russians carrying people who's going to ride on it.

Ah, here's the best picture, he does not look like a Russian but an American instead