Saturday, April 07, 2012

Awaited Movies

Okay. I'm back guys! But I'll be posting about some of my awaited movies on the list. hehe. Let's start with the top of my list until the least favorite.

1st = Avengers
 Last year, I watched the Captain America and suddenly got disappointed at the ending of the movie. But when my aunt told me that this one's upcoming soon, and this would be the part 2 of Captain America movie, I jumped out of joy. Spider Man's here, then Thor, then Iron Man and many more superheroes to be thrilled and enjoyed for. Oh well, let's all meet at the ticketing line.

2nd = Expendables 2
Oooohhh, geee!! The most awaited film of my life. I watched the 1st part and I was amazed by their stunts, their computer graphics editing and more. Plus, all the legendary celebs are here, even my idol Jason Statham. I especially like this movie when we (my family) watched it in Digital TruSurround sound. It's like I'm in there at the movie with guns and more.

3rd = Cabin In The Woods
Okay, so although I don't really know much about this, because I didn't read the info, I was attracted to the cover, it was amazing. I'm the kind of person who loves watching suspense and horror type of movies. But don't get the wrong idea that I'm an emo person, I also watch romance films and sci-fi or even comedy and cartoons. hehe

4th = Prometheus
Here' a nice one. I told 'ya, I also watch sci-fi. This movie is very creative, also, my female favorite celebrity is here, Charlize Theron. From her movie "The Italian Job" which she goes into cars, this time, all about aliens and the like. It's about saving the human race against the aliens invading our country. :)

   So, uhm, stay tuned for more blog posts. I'll be posting for more of my interests. Stay Tuned!