Sunday, April 08, 2012

Celebrating Easter

If you're asking me how did I celebrate today's Easter Sunday, then you're gonna be cravin' for food, dude!! haha. So, here's a start.

Morning came, and I decided to design the plain flat shoes. But mom has work today, so she's the one who used it first.

By 9:30am, my aunt Ruby came into our house, and wanted me to come with her to go to the mall. Upon arriving there, I asked her what's her purpose in going here, she said she just want to try food trip. I had my mini shabu-shabu lunch (her treat) while she ate salad as her lunch. Afterwards, We both got full but still, she bought some hotdogs on stick, some chips and junkies, some barbeques, Buko drinks, pork crumbs, Takoyaki (Japanese food) and many more..
Here are the 3 main foodies as our lunch:
Shabu-Shabu soup + Takoyaki (my lunch)

Russian Caesar Salad (my aunt's lunch)