Monday, June 04, 2012

Featured Shop: La Fasyon

Hey guys, specifically girls! This one is new. Added shops lately on Facebook because I'm looking for clothes, and here, I found a new shop named La Fasyon. The shop name is cool and somehow attracted me because I love Spanish language and culture. :) hehe, So this shop does not only give you nice clothes, but also gives you nice price! I would like to buy in their shop, based on the chat box, but the problem is, I'm still re-scheduling my time and budgeting for all my clothes that I bought from other shops.
Well, here I present to you La Fasyon and some products that caught me in the eye:

Check out their cool shop and add La Fasyon

I love wearing graphics anywhere and everywhere, and this one, you can't believe it's only 280Php :) Shocking right

I like the neutral color of this and you also won't believe me if I tell you the price, it's only 100Php!! ^_^
I love this one when they tagged me in Facebook, and suddenly caught my eye, not only because of affordability, but also remember, I LOVE WEARING SLEEVELESS TOP :)

So, buy now at La Fasyon and get your very affordable yet stunning clothes on the street!!