Sunday, June 24, 2012

New Sponsor: Just Got Lucky shop

Hi guys! I'm up for a new post. I have a new blog sponsor and they're nice to talk to. I am so amazed on their clothes (items) because as you all have know, I'm a boho/vintage type of person. Imagine having yourself clothes that are affordable and vintage-y but still on the modern trend list. I wanna give an A+ (like the ones in school) on their shop. By the way, here are some of my top picks that would let you crave for their shop. By the way, they are selling vintage unique pieces and also reworked vintage outfits plus they can be modern too, you just gotta be hip. Their clothes are one of a kind but chosen carefully for us buyers. So let's all shout "JUST GOT LUCKY" because those who bought on their shop is so lucky to be on the modern trend list which is only light on the budget!!

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