Thursday, June 28, 2012

A School Post

New post about my schedule and school plans. Just made my mini version of our schedule because I'm not sure whether our assignment notebooks would be returned on time. So, I decided to make a copy of it. Looking at my schedule, it seems so tiring everyday, that's the Junior life they said. But hey, I don't care, I'm into achieving my goal this year. I hope I can! But with confidence, I think I REALLY CAN.

I want to post here my goals for this school year and plans as well.
Here it is:

Goals this school year:
■ Try being social and a friend to all
■ Smile every school day, it helps gain a point for a conduct at my grade
■ Memorize Chinese the way I usually do during my grade school days that's why I have high grades that time
■ The rest of it is, TO PASS 85% AND ABOVE IF EVER

Plans this school year:
■ Do not be a props men or props director (as told by my mom) sorry folks!
■ Know what teachers want to let a student pass
■ Join curricular activities especially in clubs, as much as possible, field trips and KaDiFil stuffs

I do hope I could do all these stuffs before this school year ends (especially passing Chinese), or else it'll be too late for me to get my college entrance exams etc. I'm looking forward to achieving everything I planned so it would help me in getting ready for college. Hmm, I'm thinking already what college school to go to, but decided it'll be ____________. Guess what? Message me to know. :) It's kinda sort of a secret, I don't want to post it here, preventing from relative-issues