Sunday, July 29, 2012

With A Smile

Diary post as of yesterday, long post ahead. I went to school feeling moody and all, but I ended it with a smile. It was a hectic schedule after taking Filipino tests and recovering from too many assignments. I hope a simple solution would solve everything. Anyways, moving on, I define my own day as F.U.N. (finally under normal) hehe.

Morning. I'm super interested and enjoyed our topic in Chemistry, it's all about "MATTER" and other related substances + mixtures. Then, In Geometry, I'm always the careless person in writing proofs etc. (blushes face). By the time we had our Filipino class, of course, test went on. I'm so worried and nervous after taking it, because I don't wanna fail it since I'm already a pure Filipino. :|

School ends. We had our club hour and it went great. Enjoyed the introduction of the club members but what triggers or captures me the most in our club was, the games and the newbies :)

 Pardon me guys if the pictures in this post are blurry, just used my phone for a quick shot. The picture above is the officers are trying to explain the mechanics of the game slash introduction. Below, you'll see one of our members, also my batch mate, who's actually preparing for his introduction, his name is Steven Tiu.

After club hour, I stayed at the Preparatory side school. Stayed there for hours until a friend came over to make chit-chats with me. Food trip then appeared, we ate lots of popcorn, street foods and drank the usual drink for every student on a budget, Gulaman. haha

Apparently, I'm a bit busy these days preparing for a school event plus I'm really really studying hard, as parents say, to make a good future slash fortune... I want to express my gratitude to those who joined my past giveaway, until the next giveaway. Congratulations again, once more, to Ms. Beia Policarpio of A Beiatiful Mind for winning the TRIO GIVEAWAY