Thursday, August 09, 2012

Heavy Rain Caused Too Much

What "Hanging Habagat" a.k.a. Southwest Monsoon brought. Last Monday, classes were declared half day after the heavy downpour of the rain. But when Tuesday morning came, lights and all other electricity suddenly stopped and there went brownout.  At first, I thought it's a new storm, but as I saw lightnings, mom told me that it's not a storm or etc.

Afternoon came, I got a bit scared since at our place in Sampaloc, it never flooded there from the past years, but this time, it did. Creepy as it sounds, right?
In front of our house

Pictures below are from my cellphone so expect blurred output shots :)
Along the road to school

Intersection going to our place
Somehow, I could say it's very tragic especially to people living on the streets. I pity them. The rain lasted for 4 days and to tell you, we had 3 straight days brownout. Alas! Still survived the dark gloomy surroundings. Also, by Wednesday morning, mom cooked a lot of food, I asked her why, and she told me she's gonna give food to those families affected by the flood. Aww :)

That's all I could say, ALWAYS BE SAFE!