Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Muddy Trip for the Juniors

Our muddy field trip at Earthaven. Yesterday was so fun... From the very beginning of the day, inside the bus and until we got home, it was effin' FUN. I asked some of my classmates and they said this was the best so far than the previous trips.

Inside the bus, they said I was very hyper, and I admit it. Because I drank an energy drink plus anti-sleeping pills. :)) See? results equals over-hyperNESS. My "so-active" attitude started when the tour guide started talking... KUYA JM. :) He, I mean she, or whatever, said, "So, guys feel free to ask if you have any questions, clarifications or anything regarding our trip, any questions?" then I asked him, "YES. HOW ARE YOU?" and he replied immediately saying, "Oh I'm fine thank you" and smiled so dearly at me. whahaha epic madness. And my hyperness begins.. etc..
From left to right (top then bottom): Hazel Chung, Camilla Cai, Jenica Sy, Christine Tan, Trisha Yeung, me, Lesley Cheng

The place was full packed, and here's the good news, they promote environment-friendly ambiance plus the place itself uses organic stuffs.
From left to right: Camille Cai, Katrine So, me, Sharmie So, Lesley Cheng, Hillary Ang, Trisha Yeung
From left to right (top then bottom): Czarina Lao, Lesley Cheng, me, Stephanie Gan, Denise Lusaya and Nicole Ngo

Oh.. pardon me for being a daydreamer here, It's because Lesley took a stolen shot and I was glancing at the snack eaten by her. :)