Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Euro-American Part

Filipino/AP day themed as European American. This post was supposed to be last Friday, but I didn't get the chance to post it because after arriving from school, I got sick so mom told me to rest because the next day is Judenites' Got Talent 2 day.

Have you felt the feeling of being scolded by a head teacher with no such reason????? :'(

 Sorry, it's just a mini statement of what I felt that very morning. So, proceeding, they said my attire is very ancient as to what the theme states though.. Aww, I got shy because all of them were wearing modern. :)
*This photo is copyrighted by Myles Tan
Myles Tan and Sellina Siahetiong
with Jayne Yang
With Daryl Tang and Jayne Yang
The auditorium was filled with crowds and being a part of the spotlight team that day was awesome, it' like saying, "I've got the power!!".. hehe Congrats to those who have been awarded as winners!