Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Reason Of Not Blogging

The main reason of not blogging for days. I got busy in school, and also because it's exam week. As a student, I have to follow 3 rules by my mom: 1. STUDY, 2. STUDY, 3. STUDY. So, I'd ought to share to you how I study.

I study in the afternoon, and then have a break. After dinner, I return to studying it but somewhat just a review. Then when 10-11 pm comes, I ought to eat snacks and plug in some music as shared by a blogger. After eating snacks, I go back to study and then when 11:30 pm arrives, I got to sleep, or else, nothing comes into my mind when it's too late already.

Here's mine:

  • a snack NISSIN wafers and COWHEAD fresh milk
  • make sure all your notes are with highlighted parts, the MOST important parts
  • musics appropriate in studying, by the way, cord winder is from Paponei's
  • never mind the goofy/sleepy picture of me. hehe
That's All! I hope I helped in a few simple ways... ♥