Friday, November 02, 2012

Black Lady or Vamp

November 1 is All Saints' Day, at the same time, a friend's party. Sorry guys if I haven't updated my blog posts. I wish to tell you the truth, our computer broke and so, my brother won't let me borrow his. Anyways, right now, I'm here at my cousin's house in Cavite, if you have remembered Issa from past posts. So, yesterday,t, forgot the name, in a restaurant, forgot the name, daang! I attended a party, it's actually a birthday party but since it's November 1 exact, they matched it up with a Halloween theme.

I tried on my gradma's black silky dress, and eventually, I do look like a black lady, or I don't know, some said I look like a vampire.

So, I'm still utter-less. Gah! nevermind, what do you think?:)