Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Belated Merry Christmas

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone! (Late Post). The time we've all been waiting for has just passed. But sorry I can't show to all of you my personal picture yet because I got sick (colds, sore throat etc..) last Monday until yesterday. Still, I care for my blog readers and even mind to post aww..

I have to admit I didn't enjoy much of my Christmas since yesterday, I just lie down my bed with pills and pending medications beside me because of partial U.T.I. Though right now I could freely say I'm getting better, thank you to those who texted me to get well soon but I hadn't replied since I'm feeling weak yesterday.

As I was saying that I didn't enjoy yesterday, I am proud to admit in conflict of what I said earlier that my Christmas was made because of those greetings, gifts, text messages, emails, cards, post-its on my cabinet, and many more. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!

It's kinda cute I had a picture of both my parents' gift for me. Mom gave me a phone casing from Thailand. On the other side, dad gave me a cross necklace which was actually written in my "to buy" list. Thank you so much Mom & Dad for these (smiles like a kiddo) ;)

Then, as I woke up, I saw 4 envelopes (starting from the right) hung up. In the Philippines, we call it "Aguinaldo" or money bags or Christmas money for some. Thank you to those who gave me!!!