Sunday, December 16, 2012

Designing The Tree

Our Exam Week has just ended. It feels so good to be back in blogging. I got stressed during the exam week, in addition to that, I hope that my sleepless nights would bear good results. Good news is that I didn't get any sickness during exam week, because usually, whenever our exam week is about to start, I kind of have this colds-cough flu whatever.

Pardon me for the picture above since I got included, thanks to my bro. hehe. That was taken during exam week and lights in the living room were turned off, so I decided to study beside the awesome-ly bright-lighted Christmas tree. The tree was actually designed by my mom, we had some conflict ideas before that was designed. I liked the tree to be vintage-looking and color white, she liked it to be silver and a bit modern and wants to hang some keychains. So we mixed up our ideas and ended up with a white-silver motif and hung up some mini-lamp displays (but I guess it's not visible here in this picture).