Monday, December 31, 2012

Farewell 2012

A look back to 2012. I doodled up a 2013 typography. I also created a digital collage using 5 softwares. Now, here's a quick view from the special events marked in my 2012 planner.

I could truly say 2012 was amazing and cool, but please, I'm still expecting the most out of 2013.

  • I remember, it's my first time to cook Kutsinta
  • Had a picture with on of the super coolest sports car
  • Took part in the chess team at our sportsfest
  • A group outing with Ashley, Kat, Ber, Leyah, Dyan and Christine
  • A photo shoot with Kat as the newest VNX member
  • Food trip @ Cerealicious
  • My best friend Tiffsy recently left the country to study at Singapore
  • Field trip and bonded with some new found friends
  • Joined solo at the Judenite's Got Talent
  • First time to fully paint at canvas texture
  • Had our Feloes Outing
  • Occular Visit at the outreach area
  • Fireworks from 2012
  • First time to doodle at school during class hours. Bad me!
  • Had my hair layered
  • Sang at the batch party, Christmas party, outreach place, even at our one act play in English
  • Tend to go food trip during my birthday at Makati
  • Started food photography and designed the setting
  • Went to Batangas and Bluroze Farm and Resort
  • Wore a countess Dracula costume during the Halloween Party
  • Retreat with 3E at the SVD Mission House
  • Went out to bond with family; we didn't had the chance to be complete sometimes
  • Skyped with Tiffsy and Geline, and we talked about stuffs we missed a lot
  • Had my school's fun run medal
  • Took a picture with the Russian Navy and War Ship
  • A Cafe Day at Robinson's Magnolia
  • Pigged out during my lolo's birthday whom has passed away before his birthday came
  • Mom and I had to go to Roxas Boulevard just to see the Sto. Nino Feast Parade
  • A picture of me with my dad's gift cross
  • The cross I super duper love
That's a full post! Farewell 2012! Stay tuned for 2013 post later :)