Saturday, December 29, 2012

Foodie Trip #6

I went food hunting with my aunt on the morning, 24th of December. It's been a month since I had tempt you all to my food trip, just kidding, I haven't shared to all of you my food trip the past week. So, here it is. Crave! lol. By the way, I just used my phone, expect BLURRED results.

I super love how the oreo cookie and chocolate pudding blended in my milk tea.

Meal from Tokyo Tokyo. A combo of all my favorite foods. :D

 This menu is actually from Jamaican, a stall in a supermarket, my aunt pulled me off and said I need to try them. And guess what, it's amazing, somewhat a taco-looking bread, gosh, it's UNexplainable, you must try them too!!

 I had to buy a frappe just to ease down my patience because of the long line at J. Co. The one I took was actually ChocoMint, my all time favorite flavor! This is also the cause of why I got sick during Christmas eve, sorethroat.. see it HERE

Cheers to my aunt who substituted for me when I started to get bored :)