Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sportsfest '12 Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of SJCS Sportsfest 2012. Awhile ago was the opening ceremony of our sportsfest. I could truly say that everyone went there with their best exerted energy to win the game, well, we couldn't state the winner yet since it'll take 4 days before we'd know the winners. But to remind everyone, winning is not the main point in here, it's about the team cooperation, believing yourself and the competency through fighting spirit.
Copyrighted by Fr. Pavol Hudak
Anyways, the picture above is from Fr. Pavol, as you can see, they're wearing red which means we are the juniors, the "BLOODY GLADIATORS" as called. The contenders are actually our batch and other batches as well. First is the Grade 7, followed by the Grade 8, then 2nd year, 3rd year (Let's Go Juniors!!) then lastly, the 4th year.
Then there's also cheerdance competition, but sad to say, didn't even got a shot. :(

We also had the Ms. Sportsfest 2012 wherein a friend of mine, named Denise Lusaya, made it as the 1st runner up. Aww, don't worry Denise, for us (FELOES and Juniors), you're our champ. Also, Jamielyn who looked stunning too and very gorgeous I could say.

Go Denise!!!

Go Jamielyn!!!

 Intermission lead by some JGT 2 Contestants, I think. lol

Panel of judges, can you spot where Ms. Camille Co is? :P

Ms. Camille Co

Below are the pictures COPYRIGHT OF FR. PAVOL HUDAK

Denise Lusaya

Jamielyn Cheng

Then, of course, the winner, Ms. Sportsfest 2012 Selena Ty from the 4th year

Soon to upload more on next post...