Friday, February 01, 2013

JS Prom 2013 : Glitz & Glam

January 30, 2013 was our JS Prom. Our Juniors - Seniors prom theme was Glitz and Glam. The venue was well organized at Wack Wack Golf and Country Club, 7pm. Everyone enjoyed the night with their partners, well, I have this cough/sorethroat so, to my partner Patryk Sy, hope you'd forgive me for not talking too much. Then, I think that time I was kinda foolish for bringing a camera but not using it once. LOL

This is the gown I've drawn and kinda revised it. So, it's cool. If I found that pic, I'd be glad to share it here

My partner gave me pink roses after I arrived :) Thank you partner!

From my blurry phone, Sharmie and Abby 

Photo from Erick. With Jayne and Ericka
With Erick. Thanks Erick for this picture, sorry for borrowing it :D

Hi Katrine!! :) Thanks for this pic

With the Kart Racer, presenting Matthew Chan. lol . Pic from Katrine
With Hazel Chung of Dreamslink. Photo from Hazel

Photo from Myles. With Sellina and Ericka
With Bernice of Live Today. Thanks Bern for the photo :)
Photo from Myles. With Myles and Ericka
With Marc Teng, thanks Marc for letting me borrow your pic

With my Chem teacher, Sir Tancioco. Pic from Katrine
This is my Prom Partner :) Cool. Thanks Katrine for the pic

Even though I got tired from partying anytime, I still didn't feel the boredom because of the photobooth bombing with these people. Thanks for making that moment the COOLEST!

Thanks again to these people whom I've borrowed some pictures:
Copyright of Erick Gonzales, Katrine So, Myles Tan, Bernice Sy, Hazel Chung, and Marc Teng ♥