Sunday, February 03, 2013

School Fair 2013

School celebrates school fair 2013. Yesterday, I attended the most awaited school fair 2013. Not much to expect but, of course, this is the fun-giddy part of school where you take a break from books and start bonding with friends and family.

Exactly upon arriving there, it was actually on set for the opening ceremony. People gathered around to enter, and they were welcomed by the Lion Dance team as they enter.

The school was fully jam-packed, but I could say I saw most alumni friends of mine joining the fun.

As I was walking to the Food Area, I saw Hanna, my friend who's now studying at HCHS. I wouldn't mind not to ask her for a picture. Aw, I miss her..


With Katrine and Trisha

Now this is what you call "Trespasser". Entering other room just for a solo shot. How shy of me!

Oh hey look! It's Jude the Knight and Lady Judy. (mascots)

The managers of the Nerf Booth, Ms. Aguilar and Sir Benavidez

With Leslie and Sir Caunca
Clarissa, Steph, and Leslie
Nicole, Ashley, and Les
Den, Nikki, and me
The caterpillar ride has seats that are good for 1-3 persons. Who wouldn't thought of us four fitting in one seat! #slimfit