Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Campus Tour for Juniors

Campus Tour last March 21, 22, and 25. We had our campus tour to the BIG 4 college schools in the Philippines namely University of the Philippines, University of Santo Tomas, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde and De La Salle University, and Ateneo de Manila University.

I could say their campuses have good environment for learning.

UP. Our Campus Tour in UP (University of the Philippines) is amazing. Admitting to you, UP is my "dream" school, because for me, UP is like a school for people who does not really discriminate who you are, but it offers a challenge to see how independent you could be, and no offense to other schools. If you love the environment and prefer to walk for fitness, you'd better be here.

UST. In UST (University of Sto. Tomas), the tour went well, and my dream course is here, *sighs* can't really decide which and where to study.. Their facilities are so cool, like they've got the first olympic-sized pool in any other school. They also had their straight UAAP championships when it comes to sports. If you love the Philippine culture and or Spanish architecture (structures), this is great for you.

With Cam and Jeraldine

DLSU and La Salle CSB. Right now, I honestly telling that I didn't had the chance to take photos in De La Salle University since my camera was low battery that time and my phone was not working, then my other phone has full memory. I didn't had the chance to take a picture with Michelle Gumabao, aww (saw her when I'm about to go down the bus), but in fairness, their school is kinda like Futuristic, as I may say. So, In College of Saint Benilde (CSB), because it's partly La Salle too, expect a futurisitc style too, and in addition to that, this school can be called "The Freedom School", almost all the hobbies and skills and ambiance you like is nevertheless, inside this school. To inform you, they have two buildings, one is AKIC (specialized in Culinary and Hotel Managing etc.), while the other is SDA (school of design and arts, specialized in arts, of course).

 They also had connection with France Culinary Service and School. Amazing! VATEL.

From left to right: me, Myles, Sellina, Jayne, our tour guide (didn't hear much of her name, Ry? Ri? Rie? haha sorry!), Jenica, and Paulene
 We were even served by their "special" pasta. Yummy! :)


At their Ballet Room. How I miss going to ballet class :'(
 Bought lunch there, and it was so delicious, price is just worth it. (for me)

ADMU. In Ateneo de Manila, this is the school where people from any race can go to (just kidding), I mean is, from whatever you are, you're welcomed here, as long as you prove to them you deserve to study here because you want to learn and to be who you are. If you're eco-friendly, nature lover, you can be here., it's like their ambiance is from out-of-town. By the way, the main cover above, the car, I saw it in Ateneo, just can't think of any cover.

With Ericka and Marjorie

So, here I am, still deciding which school to take...