Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Camp Life

The very reason of not blogging for weeks, actually, months.
A blast of enjoyment and laughter.. April 10 to May 2.
Below is my personal entry in my journal. I copied it to share to you people my experience etc.
                 "For some school, it's an honor, but for our school (majority), it's a camp of people saved by their failing marks. I've been thinking a lot why they say it's so cool despite camp classes. Upon the beginning of the week, I had made some friends, but I'm still not happy with it. Days passed, and every time I look at my phone calendar, I don't get to check the days left. I don't want to take a countdown. An hour here is equivalent to 5 minutes, which means everything we do here is very productive and all.
I remember when I'm at school, I get bored every break time and or class hours, but this time, I now knew how to value each and every passing minute. In here, we are supposed to be awake by 6:15am for daily exercises so I wake up at 4:30am to be the first one to take a bath. I got here in this camp not because I failed, but because it's a sign of cooperation with my Chinese teacher who let me passed my Chinese History subject. Thanks to her I met some new friends, enjoyed sessions, value time, and most importantly, I didn't get scared in speaking Chinese straight and direct. Perhaps it's a wonder and a new experience for me. Good Day! 3 days left before camp ends..."
Roommates' characters from KooKoo Birds and Kennel
left to right: Pitchie, Shirley, Marean, me, and Pamela a.k.a. Leader
When I got sick for 2 days, I was not allowed to join them in camp field trip, I do prefer to stay inside the cabin. but, after they arrived, they brought home a "Get-Well-Soon" card. 

Sharing you some more pictures and videos... enjoy


I truly enjoyed... Thank you guys! 
That's All!!