Saturday, June 22, 2013

School's Up

I'm all set for school. As to what others say, I'm now inside the battlefield. I'm in the Seniors' Core where I have to manage things in the most proper and mature way. I don't know how I'll start but I'm gonna do my very best to be able to survive this year.

 A habit of mine is using colorful pens to note what's important or not or just read. As you can see, majority of them are green, well, Tracklane ♥ Green :)

Notebooks I'm using

I always bring my planner with me to note down important events every year.
All-Subjects notebook
Scratch notebook
Below are my other notebooks, on the left are my "real" subject notebooks, and on the right is my notebook for immediate jot down.

Above is my tumbler with my daily note on it.

If you noticed something new again in my blog, it's the "Welcome Picture" on the sidebar. I changed it using my drawing. I just can't ignore how cute the colors combine.

Well, that's all for now! ☺