Thursday, August 08, 2013

Photo Backdate

Some photos left behind. So sorry for the super duper late blog post. Now, our first quarter exam week for this year is coming up in a few days, and before I focus, here are some photos that were not uploaded nor shared (all from phone). Backdating the memories. Well, the picture says it all that I had some awesome time.
The picture above was when we ate at an "eat all you can" resto months ago (forgot the name..)

my friend Andi
Studying for a Chinese test requires FOOD :D

Matching pointed shoes with Andi, guess which is mine and which is hers..

 Then, the picture above was when Andi and I went to the school library (HS-4C = NO Class day) and saw some classmates, I said to myself that we seemed to have a class inside the library..