Thursday, June 26, 2014

Wild Western Girl

The Western Girl. As I have said on my previous post, my summer is taking long enough which makes it a bit boring for some Thomasians. My body clock is totally ruined by this "extended" summer vibes. I decided to be productive by practicing my digital skills. Ended up with a new character, a western girl.
I spent most of my time in details, like the eyes, hair, well, I just drew everything using mouse so I could it's totally taking time. (Time: 3 hours for the face)

After that, I went straight to the background. Yes, most of them are shapes already, kinda running out of ideas what to add or something as for the theme "Western" but making it as simple as possible. The font I used is actually from Dafont so I had myself go easy with the effort and all. (Time: 2 hours for the background)

Why did I use a Western theme for my drawing today? 
I was playing David Guetta's Shot Me Down (Skylar Grey), while listening to the lyrics and watching the short animated music video, there I suddenly decided to use up a Western Girl in vector graphics.

Stay tuned for the next post.