Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fangirl Moment | Art

Late post. I just wanna share my latest graphics art post and a bit of how everything is going on with my life. "Fangirling" over my favorite artist (singer).

Before you scroll down, I want to say sorry for being M.I.A. on my blog, don't worry, I'm seeking time for blogging as well due to school work circumstances. [--Stay tuned on my next blog post, I will try to share my daily school routine--]

An estimated time of 7 hours.
5 hours = Subject
2 hours = Background
 The shadowing type and light reflection took me that long, the lips are undeniably imperfect, but I hope to see huge improvements in the future.
The photo above is my reference photo. Found it on Google. Sad to admit that my graphics output is not that "Katy Perry" looking for some. *sobs*

Here is one of her latest song and I'm currently listening to it:

Stay tuned for the next post. Sorry once again.