Monday, June 29, 2015

Eat Play Love

Bidding starts at 3..2...1. Saint Jude Catholic School Alumni Association (SJCSAA) held a fund raising formal event last June 27 at the Manila Polo Club where pleasant dinner was served and charity auction was done afterwards. Proceeds of this event would support the Alumni Scholarship Program. #JudenitePride
This year they gave out scholarships to ten deserving high school students and will be giving two more to alumni college students. Their scholarship program is primarily "need" base. This event will also take the lead as an instrument in reaching the students' dreams through education.

Designing for them made it such a great honor for me as an alumna, and seeing my work (despite of simplicity) used in the said event made me even feel like I will never sleep for a week out of complete happiness. lolz.
*Lesson learned: no matter how simple or ugly your work is, it varies in the eyes of many, be proud of your work, if you're confident with the result and contented, they might as well be.

The event was organized by the SJCS Alumni Association, hosted by Ms. Valerie Tan and warmly auctioneered by Mr. Grant Cheng and Mr. Tim Yap.

 Auctioned items from Adante Leyesa to Givenchy to HIBIKI 17 to Roger Vivier to fellow Judenite/artist Mariano Ching, from other artists as well, up until Philippine Airlines. My favorite item auctioned was the work of Buen Abrigo, the Deed of Sale (mixed media), which is about commercialism taking over. I forgot to take a picture of it.

The night ended with a pleasant vibe and has collected enough amount to support the scholarship funds.

SJCS Alumni Association Board of Trustees
Liza Yao-Bate
Stella Maleen Chua Sia
Stephen L. Yu
Charles Kohchet-Chua
Aileen Ang
Grant Cheng
Aldrin Chua
Giovanni Co
Alfred Lao
Lino Lim Jr.
Edwin Ong
Beatrice Tan
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