Thursday, July 07, 2016

When Stressed Out

Nocturnal workaholic stressing out even if it's vacation. That's me. I have a completely ruined body clock. Sometimes, I get to see the sun rise before I could even put myself to sleep. I could even hear the street sweepers cleaning, like geez, what the hell am I  doing? It's vacation, can we like rest, chill, take a break, whatever. But the problem is I don't know how to take a break. Sometimes I'd cry when my schedule didn't meet the schedules of other people. I even rant lately to some old friends compared to when I was in high school. They even noticed I changed into a more serious one.
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Let me be honest. When I was in high school, it all seems quite easy (for me), don't judge. I was only stressing out for Chinese subjects, everyone was cramming for an exam.
The school was just walking distance so you had no problems going to and fro. I never had to spend for my own lunch because I bring my own lunch with me. But college taught me life isn't a joke or what, I experienced sleepless nights to finish projects, going home by 12mn for late night meetings and group study, riding a public transportation and forgetting to get off the ride; #sabawNow it's vacation and still I'm dealing with paperworks, I rant but I'm not mad about it, but it's the fact that I'm missing the whole point of the word VACATION.

So I asked my friends how to be chill. All of their answers vary and all I have to do is follow them, find my own method of defeating stress.

Friend # 1: 
"Ako, kain lang ng kain, of course it's bad, so sabayan mo ng exercise. That works for me!"
Friend # 2:
"I take naps, long naps, sleep. It feels great after waking up."
Friend # 3:
"Stress ball! Binabato ko!"
Friend # 4:
"Watch random videos, netflix, tv series, swear! Nakakalibang."
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I tried everything, it just makes me a lazy bummer. But there are some activities that makes me feel relaxed even just for a while.

  • Go to craft stores alone (or any shop that is related to your hobby)
  • Read a book and drink hot chocolate, and stop all paper works or things that cause stress for you
  • Take a walk. Sometimes you don't have to ride all the way home, you can just stop in a safe area then walk to your home
  • Organize your files one by one, clear up your desktop and/or working area, sometimes it's the mess that's causing you to break down
  • Meet up with your friends, because their presence is magic. This one totally works for me despite being stressed, and they even help me with some of my work or bring up a joke about it, they make it light

 There are so many ways to defeat stress in college actually, but I wanna know more. What's your stressed out story? Message me.