Saturday, November 15, 2014

Keeping It Artsy

October Ender to November: Currently keeping me busy. I have been MIA on my blog. So what's keeping me busy? Well, I've been designing blog templates, designing Make Youth Shop, doing art plates, and I rarely had time to bond with some high school friends. I can't wait for term break though.
I remembered last July that I have to make new ideas for MYS, but there's something missing, my creativity. But I realized creativity comes from inner self expression, and right now, I'm starting with minimalism to prints.

Birthday month: More sweets..? (such a sinful act) #diabetes
The past few weeks I've been craving for sweets, and my primary reason is, because I'm not hyped up and I need to fuel some energy, good thing is I have control over water therapy. That's it. (but still)

Commissions, clients, designs.... for the past few days, I'm finding inspirations through blogs, and artsy magazines.
And yep, I changed the logo, and this time, it's the most suitable one. What do you think?

Upcoming Event: Underground Madness
I would like to promote an upcoming event. Behold, the UNDERGROUND MADNESS. Look at the poster above. Not just that, but guess what? the rising band "IDENTITY" will be performing as well. Cheers to my friend Ruth (the lead singer)! <3 p="">

Hey! Stay tuned for the next post.