Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Backlog | 5th of August

Again, I'm backlogging. What am I doing lately (or more like What Am I Busy Of)? Well....

5th of August. Aside from meeting with a client, I attended the UST-CFAD (College of Fine Arts & Design) freshmen orientation, and the highlights were the organizations campaigning. I even heard some freshmen have already decided which organization to join to. Go Freshies!
*The picture above (hello to NEW ERA!) is from awhile ago's event, there were booths in front Plaza Mayor for the freshmen, and I just find the street art graffiti smart and cool (okay, what?!)

1st of August. Okay, finally admitting, I'm busy visiting places from here to there, talking with the previous company I used to intern to, talking with company managers and staff, and yes, I unleashed once again my full confidence in my tasks.

26th of July. Happy kid here. I tried the Magnum Manila before it closes. Okay don't judge me for being "the-not-updated" type, I just didn't had the time.

25th of July. Upon visiting the other house, I finally got to see my beloved, my only, Chichi! It's also my grandma's birthday. Its been months before I got to see my dog, especially seeing my grandma too.. if I weren't just too busy.
14th to 24th of July. Webinars, seminars, new language lessons learned. Because I am bored. I want something new.

Upon realizing, I really did made myself busy the whole summer, and now I can't even feel that classes will begin in a week. uh oh..

Stay tuned for the next post.