Monday, March 28, 2016

Survival Week

Holy Week turned into "Survival" week real quick. We all know Holy Week is for us to remember how Jesus sacrificed for humanity. Well for us, Advertising Arts students, we also had our part to sacrifice for our plates and homework that are all due after Holy Week... ('cuz we cool!)

During the Pasko ng Pagkabuhay, the reenactment of Jesus' resurrection were all performed by the St. Jude Parish community, how cuutee are those kiddos! Okay, that was random.

But of course, Holy Week without homework (take-home assignments and plates) for college students is rare, I can't even live without a planner or simply jotting down everything I need to do for today and tomorrow..ugh.
Imagine planning your week with these:
  1. Create 11 full-colored mixed media ad campaign posters
  2. Wood carving and at the same time acrylic stamping
  3. Research consumer behavior -- through surveys and questionnaires
  4. Researching for our Statistics report and presentation
  5. Document by taking 9 photos during the Holy Week (events, activities)
  6. Read Philippine Literature assigned readings, and getting ready for our presentation (whut?)
  7. Manage everything for our org's upcoming event (as the Project Head)
  8. Doing commission (just to have my allowance..)
Where is justice??
But funny thing, I even had the chance to go out with friends. They're watching movies while I was doing my plate (ad campaign posters). There came a time where I just kept smiling while working because I just realized that no matter how heavy these tasks were, I managed to survive. I've been sleeping at 6am in the morning and waking up at 2pm, my body clock literally ruined, but I just know that all this hard work will be paid off in big time.

"Para sa lahat ng mga tinambakan ng gagawin at malapit nang sumuko, PUSH! We can do this!!"

By the way, I am truly sorry for being MIA in my blog, well imagine, I still made time to post especially in this week where I had most of the tasks lined up.