Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My 3am Rants

More like a misinterpretation. I don't know where would this post lead to but one thing is for sure, I'm randomly sharing thoughts.. again. This blog is turning into a very personal one compared to what it used to be last time-a photoblog. Why? Because I can't open my Tumblr acocunt. There seems to be an error on the login landing page. Oops! Don't stalk me. My Tumblr is full of reblogged posts and just a bunch of dramas and rants.

Well anyways, it's 3am right now. I'm having so many things in mind all at once. Allow me to enumerate in order from what's bothering me the most to the least:

Which elective to pick. I cannot believe that when I was young (more like when I was in high school), I thought it was just easy being a college student especially if you know what you're gonna take already. Nope. Lie. I know that Advertising Arts in CFAD is what I like, but specifically, I don't know which elective to take. I tried so many things which ended up as work in progress and I didn't know which to focus to. *internally sobbing* Some say, "Follow your heart...What you love and where you're good at most is what you should take..." While others say: "You already tried almost everything. Why not try something you haven't done before? You know, take risks once in a while.." I'm torn between those two lines.

Focus on what?! Now it leads to number 2. This June, you might not know that our vacation just started, and because of the previous problem stated, I don't know where should I start focusing myself into. I'm back again in watching runway replays for fashion, then I started looking for new lens and nice photos for photography, passing by at craft stores and home decor stores for events planning, practicing my grid layout and html coding for web design, and many more. Now I'm completely torn.

Start doing something. I want to practice traditional art again, you know, but it is so not me, but still, I cannot forget basic skills in art especially in my program (still a Fine Arts student no matter what). There seems to be a barrier whenever I'm in front of my art materials. Ugh. Fine line between boredom and stubbornness. I tried to doodle patterns again but it ended up as a work in progress at about 15%. I tried looking for inspiration in some good art sites. I get hyped up most of the time but then again, I lose the hype whenever I bring out my materials. 

Broke as hell. It's official. I'm a summer bummer. I didn't even had the chance to go to a beach. Sad life for me. And it's almost *already* rainy season! Another thing is, school left me broke because of academic related fees, and some of it were my stress-eating expenditures. Come on. Admit it that you'll do the same thing when you're in my case. When vacation started, of course, I promise you I'm more broke compared to when there were classes. It's completely the independent-season for me-gotta earn my own money to buy what I want, including snacks, meet-ups, outings and such gatherings are also the problem why my earnings would end up decreasing *can you see the irony of what I've just said?*

Goodness gracious! This post took much time. And it's almost 4am. The title doesn't seem right already.