Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Change is Good

Just wanted to see something fresh. I decided to place some changes in my blog design. The child-ish header last time was now changed into a more geometrical and bold one. I like this one better, because this shows my trademark in design. But not only that..

I also decided to change the font of my post title, then the font color, the size, because it used to be bland and all. I remembered my brother even telling me that he can't read the content because of the light grey font, so, there it is.

The favicon, the icon beside the blog name found on the tab above the url, was also changed into something related with the header. I swear it looks closely like letter "K" when active as favicon.

"So what's with the changes, really?"
Okay, I think I just found my design style, and I'm independent compared to last time. Woah! Where did I get those? Then from now on, expect some more changes especially in writing layout and topics I'm gonna post. It's thrilling for me, but it's a great start. In case you didn't notice, on the sidebar below the graphic picture of mine, there's a , feel free to message me, I'll reply right away, I added it because some would message me up with an intro saying "I searched for your email address like gazillion times, thank God I found it atlas!" 

Why not start sending me one?
Got something in mind? Shoot!