Saturday, May 07, 2011

Journal Report as of May 7, 2011 (Mother's Day Special)

Why Value Our Mothers?
  Why do we need to value them? Is there even a point? Well, the answer is yes. Valuing them means something, a BIG SOMETHING. They are the ones who gave birth to us. They care for us even there are times you think they're busy from work, it is because we are their inspirations. They work hard because they think of our future. They want us to be successful in every angle people can see. No mother would want her children in danger nor harm. When we grow older, we should extend our patience and respect and show love that comes from our heart's sincerity as a payback to our parents. When they grow old, let them enjoy their life and never to give them headaches, for we don't know when will God take them from us.