Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012

Actually, one more night and 2012 is here!!!
By the way, here is my latest graphics work.
Okay, so let's proceed to my explanations. As you can see, each number is designed with different materials. The 1st "2" is formed by squares, then the "0" is formed by satin, the "1" is formed by huge fur while the last "2" is formed by web. These four materials that I used were special to me. Squares, because my friend keeps on asking me what's the basic artwork, the satin because I usually pair my satin clothes with lace, the fur because I have a dog, and you know her, it's Chichi, then laslty, the web because I have a garage with webs but no spider and I'm afraid of touching webs. But this 2012, I'm gonna encounter fears and happiness, so I'm preparing myself.