Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Erroneous Days

Gosh! I don't know what to blog but, let me talk about some of my erroneous days, or let's say the "OOPS" days I've ever had.

So, first is, when my coach texted me there will be a drill for our training session as in NOW, I immediately went there, not even wearing my complete track suit. But the real thing that was going on is, there are international coaches from all over the world and some famous athletes that will check us one by one to see our standards, I felt dumped and somewhat, wanting to be grabbed by someone or just an alien would pull me out there.

Second is, my friends are all waving at me upon arriving inside the classroom. I don't see the point of waving at me for a senseless and usual day. Until I realized that I don't have my school ID, my school pin and my necktie and lastly, my hair was stormed and wet. Ugh! If you could just imagine how'd I look, you'd probably say this girl is not from planet Earth. Geez, I'd rather lock myself in the comfort room.