Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Featured Shop: Chic Habit

I'm scrolling down my friends list, pages and more in Facebook when this store caught my attention. You wanna know why? First is their logo, somehow it's colorful from the rest. Second, upon looking at their products, gosh! Do you know the feeling of looking at a very luxurious shop but knowing the price, it's VERY AFFORDABLE! I myself is a "choosy person" when it comes to detailing of accessories, whenever I go out, I always wear the right accessory for the right clothes :) Now, I can't wait to show you girls the products that make me wanna say "OH! I LIKE THAT! HOPE IT DOESN'T GO SOLD OUT".
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So I'm telling you these, BUY NOW and get yourself a luxurious-looking accessory that's not harsh on our pockets ♥