Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My First Day Being Junior

To all readers, long post ahead! haha
Now, I'm officially a Junior high school student. They say the most challenging year but most memorable of all. Today seems fine. But I won't say great. Well it's because I met my 2 advisers. I just don't think it's a good idea that he became my Chinese teacher, referring to the other teacher... Aww, will anyone help me get rid of this awful feeling on him. Our English teacher was nice and all. I do hope we just had one adviser.. But enough of that topic, I know it's bad to talk on backs. Anyways, proceeding to our next topic. The schedule today was worth it, although majority of my classmates have never been my classmates in the past school years, I still could say, my goal every year was to befriend everyone, no person should be left not being talked to.

Morning, we had our orientation with the English adviser. Gosh! I can't believe his passion in teaching and the way he discuss is very entertaining. The part where you'll say to yourself that it's not boring after all. Oh, how I love the subject he's going to teach. Guess what? My favorite, English! yey! :)
After our orientation with him, we had our break then off to mass and immediately the program will proceed to the knowing of teachers.

Lunch time, our English adviser locked the classroom and forgot the keys, but thank God we have our knowledgeable students who used their I.D. to open the door, A-mazing right? From the 40 minutes given lunch break, Christine and I just ate our lunch 7 minutes and then exactly upon arriving at the faculty area, we saw our adviser, so the three of us did a little chit chat.

We went back to the auditorium because another program will be shown to us. This is the best part, the club orientation where all clubs in school get to make a video ads endorsing their club and what values can we get there by joining. Aww, I instantly remembered KaDiFil (Kapisanang Diwa ng Filipino) , the club I belong to for 3 years. I looked at Christine who is sitting beside me. Which I'm actually just playing jokes on her (because she used to be our KaDiFil president). I hope she would still be our next KaDiFil president because she did well last year and she was the most responsible president I've ever known.

Afternoon came. When the orientation ended, we head back to the faculty to pick up Ms. Sumajit (KaDiFil club moderator) and then went up again at the 5th floor where the club fair begins. Being a former officer, I did my job to help recruit more members on our club and Jianne helped me. Afterwards, the simple job of shouting "Join KaDiFil, join our club and you won't regret" became more complicated. Jianne and I roamed around making a rap song while shouting again at all classrooms of 5th and 6th floors just to recruit. Hardwork, see? One of the values KaDiFil taught me. Aww, isn't that inspiring. haha :) ♥
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