Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dare For Dinner

Ate dinner with a dare. After mom ordered 2 boxes, Ken and I raced immediately and started eating with a game. I'm a pizza-lover and fast eater, but Ken's the hungry one. I said to myself, "this would be a cool game especially for a tie-breaker" (evil laughs.. mwahahaha) :D

I wanna share to you the game mechanics:
  1.  Eat as many pizzas as you can but only within 7 mins.
  2.  No drinking of water
  3.  No slowing down
  4. Finally, Goodluck!

Aww, sad thing, I didn't had a picture of Ken eating it. He declines it. :(
Anyways, after continuing it, look who won, its ME!!! :)