Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's New On Lacarian

More from Lacarian Accessories. Lacarian loves all accessory-lovers and kawaii-lovers. Here goes Lacarian again and to serve you not only girly stuffs, but also, they have billfold wallets and coin purses for everyone. Check out these samples, you might wanna like them.

 Also, if you're proud of your school, then you should have this customized type for your school. Hope there's also for our school :) hehe

Also, they have adorable iPhone casings for both gender.

 These very cute looking pluggies for iPhone never gets anyone wrong. Match it up with cute casings as well. And by the way, they're having their clearance sale, check out their album "Clearance Sale" for more cool and pretty accessories with much affordable price.

and check out their CLEARANCE SALE