Monday, October 01, 2012

Batch Party / Teachers' Day

School celebrates Teachers' Day aka Batch Party ( w/ video ). Yesterday, we celebrated teachers' day and a combination of batch party. Everyone had fun, oh and yeah, if I have mention in my previous posts, or if not, I'm part of the batch party performers. Hihi. Thank you Sir Clemente for inviting me, it's an honor to the batch (although I know I didn't do well). haha I know it's been long enough since I've posted here on my blog. Sorry, if you just know, I got busy in school stuffs, etc.

So, here's the story: Morning, I arrived somewhat late I think. Our theme for the batch party is The Hunger Games: At the Capitol, in celebration for the victory of the tributes. Correct me if I have mistaken, lol. Upon following hte rules, I get to wear a weird attire. Hell yeah, I arrived yesterday seeing them all wearing near to modern while me, looking so WEIRD, some called me like a teacher. Whaaaat!!?? :))

By the way, the picture above is not me, it's Daphne Que. Her face is covered with tissue because they're spraying hair color on her hair. Then, the picture below, it's Alexis, I drew a "i-don't-know" design on her face.. yeah, maybe, it's part of the theme.
w/ Jayne and Hazel 
w/ Sellina
w/ Myles
w/ Hillary and Lesley
Camera Fight!! woohoo.  left:Erick    right:Dustin

 I guess all the pictures here described the party, so, there's no need for me to explain all blah blah blah.. haha, ENOUGH WORDS, JUST LOOK AT THE PICTURES. :)
The video below is the special number I came up with.. sorry for the weak noise reduction :( hehe