Sunday, November 18, 2012

Not Really My Masterpiece

Assigned to create our own masterpiece in AP class. I'm back for an art post.We were assigned to make our own masterpiece based on the 3 categories: painting, architecture and sculpture. 1st, I tried architecture, but I was so lazy to think of ways on how am I gonna make my own dream house etc. Then, I tried sculpting, I was actually done, what I made was a cute piggy lying down face flat, but I got disappointed when I touched the tail, it broke, so I began to feel hopeless. Then I remembered I still have my last chance, PAINTING. lol. I went for a "go" in abstract since I don't wanna end up copying others' work.
Imagine, It was very hard for me being a beginner in painting, then after the previous post, you can see here that I'm using cloth as my paper, HOW HARD IS THAT?? It actually took me 2 days to paint this one, even my dad tried to ask me if I need help, I said no because I prefer to work on my own :)

So, I guess I still need a lot of practice on this one, can you see some spots unpainted? even the pencil marks were seen. Oh men! :( ♥