Sunday, March 03, 2013

I Want This Summer

Going back to the old me. This summer, I want to be the usual me, the BASIC ME. I miss those days where I keep myself busy with my hobbies. Also, this summer, I wanna be exposed to new sports, the time where I could meet fascinating people regarding their sports.


I wanna try out biking since I got inspired by my friend Hillary Ang who loves biking a lot. She showed me the difference between alloyed bike and carbonized bike. Carbon is lighter and easy to use. This year, we both plan in joining the Iron Man 70.3 relay of swim, bike, run. We're yet in search for our swimmer.

Kart Racing is kind of ON THE TREND this summer, and I wanna try it also because of my friend Matthew Chan, whom I could call "The Expert".

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Then, next stop of my summer activity is hiking, if possible. I wanna allot a time for this. It seems cool if you could be able to reach your farthest record.

Last of sports, I wanna try out surfing. They say that Baler is the place where you could have the best surfing experience. Baler ultimately has it, and Baler is the second surfing capital of the Philippines. I remember my grandma, Norma de Mesa used to bring me, together with my cousins, to the beach every other summer vacation.


I also wanna take turns into traveling. I really really wanna have a getaway with my family or friends. Any place would do.

Drawing and any other graphics is my passion. So, I wanna enhance more of it and try to develop my skills into a better one. Doodling, sketching, both wet and dry media, oh I'd love to take such art classes.

Here's also one of my favorite, photography and editing. But aside from those, I love collecting sculptures and displays and artifacts etc. Truly a hobby.

I wanna continue my childhood activity, ballet. I remember I took classes and had a chance to perform at a recital. How I miss dancing ballet!

But lastly, being a junior rocks, and I wanna study a lot for 4th year and also for college. I wanna have reviews.. That's me!