Sunday, June 03, 2012

Jane Austen's Sense & Sensibility

Hi guys! Posting for my ultimate book report on Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. If you're wondering why I already had book report, it's for school, and it is required though I'm reading it in advance so I could have a little bit idea on what is it all about. At first, reading the history context was kinda crazy but fun. But the moment you try reading the intro, you'll be a bit dizzy because of such amounts they're talking about. But then, this book was a TOP-SELLING BOOK. So I didn't complement bad things while reading (no offense to readers). But hey! Although I'm not a book-lover, I'm truly inspired with this book since I'm still on page 10, yeah, let's say I'm a slow-novel-reader. :)
By the way, this post should be posted last night, I just forgot so, forgive me for a dark background and all. :(
Sorry for the dark lighting, I just used my webcam in this photo 

I'm hoping when school days come, I want to share some thought about
this book and to be able to share to my classmates and teacher what the lesson was all about. Now, I think I'm becoming a braniac. Hehe, sorry for that sentence

In my case, advance reading is needed, because if I don't read it in advance, I'd be pulling off my grade from a high level. Nah! Let's stop talking about myself, I'll just post photos of my book.
Again, I would really like to say sorry, just used my phone here, so it's kinda blurry