Sunday, July 08, 2012

Another Busy Day

Busy at Sunday. Well, as usual, the same old busy day wherein I get to post late blog posts. Anyways,  today is my dad's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! And again, I still have coughs and colds which whenever at school makes my day miserable. I hate it when getting sick. :( So, we celebrated dad's birthday at grandma's house, just a simple celebration because he doesn't want to go out too. Upon arriving, I immediately finished my assignments because I don't want to have another reason to be stressed. It's our Chemistry assignment that bothers me especially the "art" part. Why? Because even though I love sketching, I'm not into faces of people. I always get the mouth wrong. But here, I'll show you my sketch, hope you liked it. But to tell you, no offense, the sketch looks like a Chinese here. :(

By the way, I wanna say thanks again to those who tweeted me to get well soon, I super appreciate it guys! ♥

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