Wednesday, July 11, 2012

TAO: The Art of Japanese Drum

The art of Japanese drum is here. They are famous not only in Japan, but almost every country knows "TAO: The Art of Japanese Drum". They have already about millions of viewers and spectators. It's not about the drums that we see in some old plays of Japan, but this one brings out the modern and mixed ways of traditional drum styles. Now, they're bringing it here and I can't stop being amazed about it. I really really hope that if I have a free time I could watch this!! They're only here for a short time, like 10 shows only! See poster and prices below.


Price Zone 1
PhP 4,500.00 (VIP)

Price Zone 2
PhP 4,000.00
Premiere Center

Price Zone 3
PhP 3,000.00
Premiere Left & Right

Price Zone 4
PhP 2,500.00
Deluxe Left & Right & Balcony Center

Price Zone 5
PhP 1,500.00
Balcony Left & Right & last four rows Balcony Center

Price Zone 6
PhP 1,000.00
Upper Balcony (last row)

 *Plus TicketWorld service fee.

• Student 20% Off
Just present ID (1 is to 1)

Last night, I asked mom about this if I could watch it, she said yes, but after seeing my schedule and managing my classes' time, I am having second thoughts of watching this but I want to watch this so badly. :( I hope I could insert one of their dates in my planner. ♥

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